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Providing young people with opportunities to participate in creative projects & workshops

Having worked with Manchester and Trafford Youth Services Brink has a wealth of experience in delivering projects providing diversionary activity including DJ & MC workshops, vocal training, music production, recording, performance work, graphic design and video projects.

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Who Are We?

13 years of projects and activities within Manchester City Council

MCC have commissioned Brink Productions on a number of occasions to deliver and support youth arts, music activity and also youth voice/forum engagement working with young people. They have worked alongside Brink Productions on a number of occasions, most notably on one of the councils biggest youth music shows events Urban Superstars 2003-06. This included running a series of city wide music workshops, competitions and headline events at Contact Theatre, The Bridgewater Hall, and Manchester Apollo attracting an audience of 3000 young people.



The first release as part of the Terminology Project Tasmin B “Resurrected” Terminology is an artist development project by Brink Productions Limited funded by the Arts Council. The project offers grass roots artists the opportunity to create and record original compositions,  a live band performance, music licensing and distribution and artistic branding.  The live event […]

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What is MCR Superstar’s?

Learn more about the MCR Superstar's events, the prizes won and the people who support the event.

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Young Women’s Group

The programme was aimed at young women in the sale moor area. It was an open session aimed at issues that young women face such as sexual health, relationships, and issues with family or schooling.

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Intense City Education

Brinks projects Impact on and contribute to reductions in the risk of exclusion by engaging young people proactively in the planning, design and delivery of activities and services according to their needs.

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Tasmin – Running (MCR Superstars 2016 Winner)

Listen to the MCR Superstar 2016 winning song 'Running' by Tasmin now.

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Monnay – Open Your Eyes (MCR Superstars 2015 Winner)

Listen to the MCR Superstar 2015 winning song 'Open Your Eyes' by Monnay now.

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Monnay – When I Grow Up (MCR Superstars 2014 Winner)

Listen to the MCR Superstar 2014 winning song 'When I Grow Up' by 'Monnay' now.

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MCR Superstars 2014 Finalists

Here we have our MCR Superstars '14 finalists with their finalised track entries. Give them a listen.

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Eleanor – Your Smile (MCR Superstars 2013 Winner)

Listen to the MCR Superstar 2013 winning song 'Your Smile' by Eleanor now.

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What Do Others Say About Brink Productions?

  • R. Ferguson, Lostock College Teacher

    We have just completed the ‘Intensity’ project at Lostock College which has lasted roughly two terms. The students have really enjoyed the project and have been able to express their views and opinions which they would normally struggle to express in a normal classroom lesson.  The students have learnt different skills for example spray painting and graffiti and they have been able to experience working as part of a team to finish the project.  The students have discussed serious and dangerous topics through an informal setting, which I feel has increasing the learning of this group. The group struggle to stay focused on tasks but they have all enjoyed participating and have all completed something towards the book giving them a sense of achievement and belonging to the project. I would love if this project could run again next year, the progress made has been much more than just educational and students are proud of their work.

  • Sale High

    Brink productions have completed a project working with a group of Year 10 girls who have benefitted enormously.  They have written a story about self esteem, bullying and how people judge appearances.  They have covered issues from home and how these can impact on school life.  They also discussed what constitutes a positive and a negative relationship.  The young people were directed to resources to support them both inside and outside of school.

  • Shannon, Sale High Student

    I enjoyed this session because I felt the staff were very supportive and helped to boost our self esteem

  • Charlotte, Sale High Student

    We worked on our self esteem and made something that could help other people work on theirs

  • Sian, Sale High Student

    I enjoyed it because I could express my feelings without being judged by other people