The Intense City project engages young people through a media based program appealing to a variety of young people, offering Arts Award Accreditation. Participants can choose from a range of activities including graffiti, art, photography, lyric writing, graphic design. The program encourages character building, communication and team work, as all the elements of the project must come together to create the final product ( the book). Which Provides a realistic and effective way of applying the voice of the young people to self-motivated interventions. The project is specifically designed not to exclude the less confident and encourages participation in aspects of the project the group feels comfortable with. Those with more confidence and skill base will help those who have less.The young people’s role within the project is vital. It is their artwork, research and input which ultimately provides the material for the final product. Through the collation of their art pieces, photography, articles and graffiti the format of the book is derived. The young people have total artistic control over the graphics, out look and content of the product as it is their ideas and their voice that provide the content.The project ensures sustained engagement by offering positive, enjoyable and fun activities alongside educational elements.

The Intense City Project is now running in Sale west & sale moor and are both are Arts award accredited programmes.






The Relatively Speaking Project

Is funded by the Heritage Lottery fund and is in partnership with Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society and Trafford Local Studies.

The “Relatively Speaking” project is a media based project focusing on early intervention and alternative education through a creative medium. The project Impacts on and contributes to reductions in the risk of exclusion by engaging Young People proactively in the planning, design and delivery of activities and services according to their needs.



Lostock College

We have just completed the ‘Intensity’ project at Lostock College which has lasted roughly two terms. The students have really enjoyed the project and have been able to express their views and opinions which they would normally struggle to express in a normal classroom lesson.  The students have learnt different skills for example spray painting and graffiti and they have been able to experience working as part of a team to finish the project.  The students have discussed serious and dangerous topics through an informal setting, which I feel has increasing the learning of this group.

The group struggle to stay focused on tasks but they have all enjoyed participating and have all completed something towards the book giving them a sense of achievement and belonging to the project.

I would love if this project could run again next year, the progress made has been much more than just educational and students are proud of their work.

R. Ferguson, Humanities Teacher at Lostock College.

Sale High

Brink productions have completed a project working with a group of Year 10 girls who have benefited enormously.  They have written a story about self esteem, bullying and how people judge appearances.  They have covered issues from home and how these can impact on school life.  They also discussed what constitutes a positive and a negative relationship.  The young people were directed to resources to support them both inside and outside of school.

Flixton Girls

Heritage Lottery